Home Playstation Forum Should I buy a PS3 (slim)?

Should I buy a PS3 (slim)?


How much is it?

What sort of games are on it?

Can you play online?

Should I get one?

(Own a Wii, and occasionally play my bro’s Xbox360.)

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  1. Please look at my answer on this question:

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    In my opinion you should really buy the PS3, the main reason being the HD content, the PSMove and the gaming-computer-like-hardware it has.

    It’s about £290, you can play online and some great titles(except the inter-platform ones) are Ratchet & Clank Future: A crack in time Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction and Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One (4 player co-operative play) (fall 2011)

    PS: Have you experienced that problem with sudden movement with the Wii’s remote?

  2. I would buy it(Because I have one).

    They are $299

    You can almost play any game you can play on xbox but Halo.

    I would recommend Call Of Duty Black Ops (Comes out in 2 days) if you like shooting games.

    If you like racing games I would get Need for Speed.

    Soccer- Fifa 11

    Football- Madden 11

    College Football- NCAA 11

    You can search any other games on Walmart.com

    All new games are $59.99

    Also it is free to play with people online unlike Xbox, were you have to pay to play online.

    When you get a Ps3 it comes with a controller and the system for about $317(Tax included)

    You can join the Play Station network for free too.

    I totally recommend this to you.

    If you want to add someone when you get a PS3, my PSN is (BTA22)

  3. Nahh Get This Instead Id Rather Die Than Get a PS3

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