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Was it a good idea to get rid of my old ps3 for a new one and can i get my old one back from gamestop?


I really miss my old ps3 and im crying a bit because i had it for about 4 years and it was my first ps3

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  1. you can’t get the old one back because they would have already formatted it and maybe resold it and odds are it’s in another store for resale or has been sold. there is no reason to want to , anything you bought on psn you can re-download , all your friends are on your account , trophies are recovered etc on another ps3. it’s just a game system.

    you might miss it because it was the first you owned but you’ll forget about it in a very short time , most things you’ll eventually sell ,trade or give away in life and very few will you miss for long ( maybe a favorite car , a rare item or a pet , that’s about it.

    I have sold or traded so many things , and the only one I miss and regret selling are one of my first cars ( I spent 4 years building it for drag racing and sold it to get money for a trip ) , the first ps3 I bought at launch was nice but a newer one works the same and has a lot more space for game. just have fun playing and be glad you have one.

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