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Bad Company 2 or Medal of Honor?


Which of these games should i get for ps3? Hows the online community on these games? Hows the campaign?

I like games such as Crysis 2, Black ops, and uncharted

Which will be best for me?

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  1. i like both but battlefield badcompany 2 is better the campian is better online is better on medal of honor online all people do is snipe and you die alot you even get spawn killed that doesnt happen in badcompany unless you spawn on one of your team mates and they getting shot at

  2. Medal of honor hands down

    i have Crysis 2 , Black ops, Bad company 2, Medal of honor and a lot of games.

    Id suggest Medal of honor.

    King Fez


  3. I bought Battlefield: Bad Company 2 a few weeks ago. I must say it is an epic game. I like it better than Black Ops because of the destructible environments and the online multiplayer. The maps are a lot bigger and it requires teamwork to win matches. I clocked the campaign in a day, so the campaign length was a tad disappointing. I’d have loved for it to be longer and the ending leaves you hanging. But nevertheless it was an amazing campaign. The price is really low now because Battlefield 3 is coming out. The communities are big and you don’t have to wait long for a match.

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