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Help with buying PS3?!Please Help!?


Well my brother and I are going to purchase a refurbished, 60GB ps3 system (the one with backwards compatibility $350). well the reviews say they are great but some say they have had to replace them a few times. So anybody that has or had a PS3 like the one above, please tell me your experiences with it. Thanks!
Also i am buying from Gamestop Online

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  1. I have not personally ever used the Backwards Compatible PS3. But, in my personal thought, I think that is most likely the reason it is for sale, because it does not work. PS3’s don’t have very many problems, but if there is one for sale, it probably does have one. I would personally not purchase it. You, can make regular, or new PS3’s, do have a Backwards Compatibility, but that you would need to Google that, because you can Download a Software, and Transfer games. But, that’s a different story.

    Good Luck, I hope this somewhat helped.

  2. seriously i wouldn’t even consider it.get a slim for like 50 bucks cheaper and Craigslist the newst gotta have it game.im sure being able to play ps2 games would be cool,but i still have my original fat playstation,i don’t touch it ever.ps2,ya haven’t touched that since the ps3.i mean really how many games are u gonna play?if u still have a ps2,why even bother?a new one with a warranty for some piece of mind,and you’d be set.and with a console that old,you never know where the parts came from,or why it was refurbished in the first place.i have the fat 80 gig,and it needs a blue ray laser.its 2.5 years old,and unsure where parts that might last that long may be.even sony if im correct only offers 90 days on them once you send them in to repair.so will game stop warranty this,and back up the warranty when the time comes?will you have to pay out of pocket for anything even if you can get a warranty?i’d weigh those things as well.just my $0.02

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