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help with SOCOM headset for ps3?


When i connect my headset with the usb and the ps3, all i get is the red light for 3 seconds. I charge it all the way and it still does nothing but the red. Is there something else i’m supposed to do?

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  1. Have you gone into the PS3’s system settings and connected/registered it to the PS3 that way as it won’t work until you do? and if you meant that it does work but the red light is always on sorry for wrong answer?

  2. Don’t charge it with the port ON the headset.

    You are meant to charge it with the cradle.

    Dock it in the cradle and charge it.

    Only use the port ON the headset to sync it automatically with the PS3 and to turn on HQ mode!

    If the red light is SOLID, then that means that is fully charged.

    If you are trying to sync the headset to the PS3 everytime you turn it on, you shouldn’t. This headset has an auto pairing function which means that it automatically pairs with the PS3 everytime you turn them both on.

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