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How will external hard drives work on the PS3?


Can I use flash drives too?

What specifically shows up when you plug in an external? And can you pull MP3s and other things on it to the PS3? How much of an issue is hard drive space for the PS3, like does the 40 gig fill up easily?

I just recently ordered a refurb 60gig, hasn’t come in yet. So I guess I just want general info on using externals on the PS3. 🙂 Thanks in advance.

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  1. the memory can become an issue. i’ve had my 60 gig for a year and 3 or 4 months, an i have 9 gigs left out of the 55 you get with the 60.

    flash drives will work. though i’m not sure that the PS3 is compatible with external HDD’s liek my books and the lot.

    that being said, the 60 gig features several card readers for ProDuo memory sticks, SD cards, smart cards and so on. so if you’re just lookinf for a way to store exta stuff, or back up your files i would go that route, it’ll be much cheaper.

    also, you can change the hard drive inside the PS3 for one with more memory. a 250 gig internal HDD costs around 100.00. here’s a link:

    [url is not allowed].

    which ever HDD you choose it must be in the 2.5″ serial ata format.

  2. You can copy any movie, music or photo file on an external hard drive to the PS3 by selecting the file, pressing triangle and then selecting copy. How much hard drive space is enough varies from person to person. My brother has only used about 25GB on his PS3, while I added a bigger drive and have used 135GB.

    You can use any external drive you like, as long as it is FAT 32 formatted. Western Digital is decent.

  3. of course you can use flash drives. it shows up as an external source in the pictures, music, and video sections. i have the 60 gig ps3, had it since feb, 24th, 2007 (ok maybe im slightly obsessed lol) and ive still got plenty of room left.

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