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how will i be able to import all my pictures, videos and music from my mobile phone to my ps3 system?


Hey dudes! I need alittle help. A while back when I barely got my ps3, everything was all good. I was able to transfer all my stuff from my phone to my ps3 but now my ps3 won’t do that anymore. I used to connect my phone to the ps3 with my USB cord and the little icon indicating that the phone was connected to the ps3 would pop up but now that icon doesn’t pop up and without that icon I can’t import my * from my phone to the system. I tried using Bluetooth but that won’t work either. Can someone help me solve this enigma?

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  1. Without knowing how/why you were able to do it before but not now, the only thing to tell you is your best option is to copy it to a USB drive formatted as FAT32 using the computer.

  2. you need to copy the files to a pc first then use a pfash drive to copy to the ps3 , assuming they are all compatible file formats and you set up the files in this format ( a folder named PS3 and in that sub folders named VIDEO , PHOTO and MUSIC your ps3 will find the files and be able to use them

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