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I Can’t connect to Xbox Live?


K, so i got an Xbox arcade system on Christmas 08 and I’ve been playing it fine online until 11th March. We were late to pay our phone bill and our internet got shut-off for about 5 hours. After that we payed it and an hour later the internet was back.

I Tried to “Test Xbox LIVE Connection” and “Network, Internet” Passes the test.but when it’s half way to “Xbox LIVE” it fails and has a red cross. :S.

my membership doesn’t run out until End of March & I haven’t got an email saying i’m suspended or anything.

I’ve tried everything it sais but still nothing.


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  1. You need to check all your connections to make sure there secure. If they are, you will have to call your internet provider, and see what they say. This is basically what happened to me and i call the internet provider and it worked straight away.

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