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I cant decide between ps3 and 360?


Well i cant decide i want gears of war 2 on the 360 and left 4 dead and halo 3

but on the ps3 i want ratchet and clank tod uncharted , killzone 2 resistene 1 and 2 i cant decide and ps3 is a bit expensive

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  1. This is kind of easy.

    What do interests you more Gears of War, Left4Dead and Halo 3 or Ratchet and Clank, Killzone 2 and Resistance?

  2. go with the ps3 better graphics and game play, plus you don’t have to pay a fee to play online with the PS3. and left for dead and Gears are rumored to be coming out on the PS3 some time soon

  3. okay like the other guy said which games do you want to play more. The systems are about the same but the exclusives are the thing. Resistance vs Gears of War, Left 4 dead vs ratchet and uncharted, halo 3 vs killzone 2.

    See which games you like better and take a look at the upcoming exclusive games for each system

  4. Why you should get a PS3 and NOT a Xbox 360

    The *expected* lifetimes of current home video game consoles:

    Xbox 360—2005-2010


    Playstation 3-2015 (Sony said they made it to last 10 years, so 2006+10 years=2016, round it down just to be safe)

    In short, it has better reliability, multimedia capabilities, a large list of exclusives and more coming out in 2009 and in the future and it has over-the-top graphical capabilities (google “Heavy Rain”). And to those who say the Xbox 360 is cheaper, well then just look at the following list:

    With the PS3, you get:

    -A Blu-Ray player, which if you wanted one of equal value would blow at least a $700 hole in your wallet

    -Free online service that is almost the same as Xbox Live

    -An ever-growing list of exclusives, like Resistance 2, LittleBig Planet, Motorstorm: Pacific Rift, Metal Gear Solid 4, inFamous, Killzone 2, God of War 3, Uncharted 2, L.A. Noire, Heavy Rain and Massive Action Game (M.A.G.—in which over 256 players will be able to play on the same map at the same time)

    -More flexible in terms of hardware, e.g. swappable HDD, use USB mini cable, etc.

    -Built in, superior Wi-Fi

    -Web browser

    -A super sleek system complete with chrome trim and a slot loading disc drive

    -HDMI 1.3, Xbox 360 only has HDMI 1.2 (major difference despite only a 0.1 difference)

    With the Xbox 360, you get:

    -DVD Player

    -Xbox live, which is $50/year, and not even worth it (it’s the same as the free PSN)

    -Halo 3 and Gears of War 2 (that’s a lot of exclusives compared to the PS3, if you ask me: P)

    -Umm…can’t really say anything about non-proprietaryness, because M$ inflates the prices for their accessories. 120GB hard drive (which is the max, by the way) for $150? With the PS3, you can upgrade to 500GB for $110!

    -A 1 in 3 failure rate (it’s not “if”, it’s “when”)

    -Many people are on their 5th or 6th 360’s already because of RROD and many more errors which could have been easily prevented if M$ cared about their customers.

    So here’s a quick run-down of what you must buy with the PS3 and 360:


    Console $400

    Game $60

    Controller $55

    Charger $2-10–any USB mini cable will do

    Total: $517 ($2 USB mini cable)

    Really, if you bought all the things the PS3 offers SEPERATELY; you would be able to buy roughly 3 PS3’s with that money (gaming console+computer+SUPERB Blu Ray player)

    Xbox 360:

    Console $300

    Game $60

    Controller $60

    Play and Charge kit x2 $40 (for 2 controllers)

    Xbox Live $50

    Wi-Fi $100

    Total: $610

    That’s not cheaper, so get a grip on it! The multi-platform games are using about 25% of the PS3’s graphical potential. So there’s lots of wiggle room in the future for much more brighter, detailed and massive environments. Killzone 2 was about half-there.

    On the other hand, most multiplatform games are using about 98% of the 360’s potential. And they look the same, if not better on the PS3. At this rate in 1 year, the PS3 will have outshone the 360 graphic wise. It’s just that the 8-core Cell Broadband Processor is very complex, and takes developers time to get used to. And they are getting the hang of things. The PS3 has a very good reliability rate: only 0.2% failure rate (note the decimal), while Xbox 360’s have a 30% failure rate. So, for every 1000 of both consoles produced, 2 PS3’s are defective, whilst about 330 Xbox 360’s are defective. The numbers speak for themselves. Many game developers have OPENLY stated that in the near future, and right now, they will use the PS3 as a lead-developing platform, and then they will port the games to the 360.

    Xbox Live VS PSN? The only thing you are missing is cross voice chat, which can easily be solved by using a telephone, text chat/message or even in PSN’s V3.00 update, which we will be seeing soon enough.

    The PS3 has sold 21 million units in 2 years. The Xbox 360 has sold 28 million in 3 years. Plus a 33% failure rate, that means that 9.24 million units are either refurbished ones or replacements. So really, the amount of one-time buyers is about 19 million. So really, the PS3 has sold 21 million in 2 years, while the Xbox 360 has sold 19 in 3 years, and the PS3 has a higher face value ($199.99 vs. $399.99 for the cheapest of each model)

    So in the end the PS3 is better—you get the most bang for your buck, and it’s an incredibly advanced all-in-one home media center hub. You can even install Linux or Windows XP and use it as a computer—legally! While with the Xbox 360, Microsoft will ban your 360 from certain things, if you install the OS at all (just try to bypass the security).

    Hope this helps you in your decision.


    –PS3 expert–

  5. Look at it this way.ps3 80gb 399 that is ps3 cheapest system.xbox 360 199 cheapest bundle.360’s do not come with wifi and if you want that u have to buy that.360 doesn’t have wireless control you have to buy batteries.360 doesnt have a web browser and u have to pay for online.360 failure rate is 33% ps3 is 0.3%.Now with the ps3.Ps3 has blue-ray free online wireless controllers web browsing.u can do many more things with the ps3.Now for the games the 360 games you mentioned there are great but ps3 is getting a game called quantum theory which is supposed to be our version of gear of war.Left 4 dead is rumored to be coming to ps3.Ps3 is releasing so many games like MAG(256 players online)God Of War3,Infamous,Uncharted 2.DC Universe Online,Bioshock 2,Final Fantasy Versus 13,White Knight Chronicles,Grand Turismo 5,Heavy Rain and much more.I had too face this decision 2 but in the end im extremely satisfied with the decision i made on purchasing the ps3.Ps3 has so much to look forward into the future.

  6. Well if you want Gears of War and Left 4 Dead just buy them for the computer. (assuming you have a decent one)

    PS3 has so many mores games and it is infact not more expensive.

    Xbox 360: 200$

    Wi-fi: 100$

    Xbox Live for 2 years: 100$

    Repairs:100$ they break extremely easy, happens everyone often

    Total: 500$

    PS3: 400$

    Wi-fi: Free

    Online service: Free

    Repairs: Very rare the system breaks.

    Total: 400$

    Plus the Xbox is going to be replaced with a new system in a year or two anyway compared to the PS3’s 5 or 6 years left. You will get more for your money.

    E-mail me if you need help picking out game if you decide PS3

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