Home Playstation Forum Is it hard to make a PS3 mod like this.?

Is it hard to make a PS3 mod like this.?


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How hard would it be to make something like this. Do you have to rip out the original like. shiny black casing, or is it overtop of it? also do you think that it uses the PS3 power outlet? or it’s own
hey i just was wondering, i had a thought. what is glow and the dark things made out of? is it available at retails stores or places like dollar stores? it would be like the glow in the dark watches wouldn’t it? but i could put it inbetween two of those overhead projector sheets?!

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  1. well if i were you i wouldn’t try that because a lot of things can and will be edited and if you do do it it looks extremely hard and would be a pain to turn on off plug the controller in and out and but games and movies so I would find something easier and not as risky but if you do do it find someone that can help because then you have a better chance of getting it done good luck dude

  2. Man it looks cool and mean. I think the outer grill is replaced by a customized one (may be working on the power outlet or separate batteries, hard to make out). You can also get the same effect by a neon projector above, but the reason I feel it’s customized, is that there is no light where ‘PLAYSTATION’ is written.

    I don’t know any retail shop selling such a unit. But it would be cool if they did. Maybe we should have a ‘Pimp my PS3’ shop.

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