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Is the Halo series worth buying an Xbox 360?



I’ve always been a PS3/Nintendo gamer (not because of any sort of loyalty, mind you). However, I’ve just seen the cutscenes for Halo 4, and I can only say that I’m green with envy. Every fibre of my being screams for me to go out and buy an Xbox 360 and a copy of Halo 4. The CGI just look so good.

Now, here’s my question:

I the Halo series worth buying an Xbox 360?

I mean the single player campaigns for all of the Halo games, not only the multiplayer.

Are all 6 Halo games, plus the console itself (an approximate value of $400), worth the money? Please bear in mind that, since the PS4’s announcement, the next Xbox console is likely to be coming out soon.

So, should I fork over roughly $400, or should I wait for the Xbox 720 (or whatever they’re going to call it) to come out?


P.S. Serious answers only. Please don’t use “buy it, it’s awesome” as your advice (it’s quite a bit of money, after all).

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  1. It is a game that has defined the xbox 360 in it peak years but it is up to you if you want to fork over approximately 400$.

  2. I am a true halo fan. Played and owned all of them. In my opinion I think they are the best games you will play in your life. Halo 1,2,3,4 ,Halo 3 ODST, Halo Wars, Halo Reach.They were all made by Bungie except Halo 4. I think Halo 4 sucks because it wasn;t made by Bungie. Bungie split and is now independent. They are releasing a new game called Destiny on the xbox 360 and ps3. The new xbox 720 is rumored to not play xbox 360 games so your going to have to buy an xbox 360. If i were you buy all the halo games used and the xbox 360 console used play and beat the games, then return it and get all your money back. Do this at a gamestop. I think you have like a week return policy for the games and a month return policy for the console.

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