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my broth took the xbox with him to uni, i bought a new one, can i transfer all my xbox live stuff on to mine?


he’s quite far away so i dont have his xbox, his is the old white one with wifi, mine is the new black one with wifi built in. i only really want my scores and levels in live

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  1. Yes. You just recover your Gamertag instead of creating a new one. You will need the account details etc to this though. e.g. email, password.

    HOWEVER, if you also wanted any content you downloaded of the marketplace thats on your old Xbox. your out of luck, sorry.

    If you visit him with a memory stick you could download your stuff of of his xbox though!

  2. Yes You will be able to transfer your profile by recovering over xbox live( if it is a live account) that will get all your achievements and content. For the files and game data you will need to visit him with a external hard drive or memory stick. (Note make sure you format it to your xbox and his before you transfer the data because formatting erases all data on them) Another option is to buy the transfer kit from a store but this is a waste of money if u ask me. Either way you need yours and your brothers xbox.

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