Home Playstation Forum My ps3 won’t update to firmware 3.30?

My ps3 won’t update to firmware 3.30?


It just says previous udate was unable to update or someshit like that.

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  1. That strange you should be able to upgrade that, and no you don’t need 3.21 to go to 3.30!. Because it will write over that, think of like a book a upgrade is adding that removing this and taking out this page and and so forth. But there is another way to upgrade the firmware and that is to download the software to your computer and put it on a flash drive and selecting from the menu.

    Upgrade FW via usb.

    1. Format the HDD/Flash to FAT32.

    2. Make a new folder and name it PS3 and in that make a new folder and call it UPDATE, and inside of that folder you put the update file.

    3. Plug it on to the PS3 and go settings – system – update.

    Good Luck!

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