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Recommendations for Xbox 360 christmas gift?


What would be your recommendations for an 8 year old boy’s christmas gift. Would you buy the standard arcade version of the higher priced versions like the elite. What extras are needed. First time buyer, thanks for your help. Also any good games which are really good on the Xbox.

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  1. Xbox 360 Premium Console!

    That’s most likely the best option for your lad!

    It has a hard drive attached already, so plenty of memory to save all his games on! And it saves you money!

    In terms of games, it depends your son, and how strict you are!

    EVERYONE loves Grand Theft Auto, especially my little sisters, but it is an 18 rated game.

    But they also love Viva Pinata, Lego Star Wars and even Halo!

    I dunno! Just buy games that boys like!

  2. The Arcade version, $199. Matte white, comes with a 256MB memory card, wireless controller, standard A/V cable and 5 arcade games (PacMan, UNO, Luxor 2, Boom Boom Rocket and Feeding Frenzy). This one would be good if he doesn’t plan to play alot of games, download any extra stuff of Xbox Live or play original Xbox games.

    The Premium version, $249-$259 (depending on the store). Matte white with a chrome disc tray, comes with a 20GB hard drive, wireless controller, composite standard/HD A/V cable, Xbox Live headset and ethernet cable. This version has been discontinued but is still available at some stores. It has a hard drive so you can store more games, download extra content and play original Xbox games and its only $50-$60 more.

    The Pro version, $299. Matte white with a chrome disc tray, comes with a 60GB hard drive, wireless controller, composite standard/HD A/V cable, Xbox Live headset and ethernet cable. This is the version that repaced the Premium. It has a bigger hard drive, but for an 8 year old, it might be overkill.

    The Elite version, $399. Matte black with a chrome disc tray, comes with a 120GB hard drive, black wireless controller, composite standard/HD A/V cable, HDMI cable, black Xbox Live headset and ethernet cable. The only reason you would get this for an 8 year old would probably be if he likes black better. 120GB is quite a bit for even moderate gamers.

    So if you can, I would say find the 20GB Premium console for $249-$259. But if not, then think about how much he will play and if he wants to play original Xbox games on it. If not many games and no original Xbox games, go for the $199 Arcade. If a decent amount of games and yes original Xbox games, go for the $299 Pro. Unless he likes black, then I would say maybe Elite but it is $399 so.

    As for games, you might try asking your local GameStop because I’m not too familiar with games that are good/appropriate for an 8 year old.

  3. while the arcade is nice for its price point, but not having that hard drive will hurt him in the long run. the fall update requires 256mbs at least of free storage space. thats the entire memory card. and by the time you add on the hdd, its just as much as buying the pro, and you lose out on hd cables, a wired headset, and an ethernet cable.

    the elite is too much for an 8 year old, they will never use the 120gb hdd, though if you plan on hooking it up through hdmi it comes with its own hdmi cable. making it a good deal since they are like 50 bucks anyway, and you do get that larger hdd.

    dont forget, the holiday packs with lego indy and kung fu panda will be out soon. dont buy too early

  4. xbox arcade is just a system all white wireless controller and memory card that only holds 258mb~ btw this sucks u wont be able download nothing on market place. No point in buying games with extra stuff because u cant download what u paid for. your so limited and if u get xbox live or even hooked up to internet for silver promise u download some demos. there a least 70 then over 100 arcade demos then there some games that as free maps and they require u to have them to play in there online

    arcades are rip offs with hidden fees be the time u decide u want hard drive u force to buy the only one in stores which cost 180 bucks then u need headset for online and thats a lest 20 bucks u should just got your self elite then in feature when new system comes out u sell it for new system and u be getting less because u have to sell it in parts

    then you got your self a pro thats 60gb comes with a white system with chrome on the dvd drive wireless controller 6ft Ethernet cable somewhat useless and a headset

    then u got your self elite thats 120gbs black system blk controller 6 ft Ethernet cable headset

    pick up elite or a pro or u regret it

    get hardrive u regret it because he come to u crying because he cant download anything

    the number one extra you need is rechargeable battery’s cheapest way out is the play an charge kit cost 20 bucks if u going have more then 1 controller i suggest buy extra battery’s for each one as controllers can drain aa’s like hell the batterys are good i had mines for 14 months now i guess and still going strong

    want him have xbox live gold play online with other people? then you might want to buy the pre paid card for 12 month this cost 50 bucks and i been on xbox live for 5 years dont regret a dime love it.

    those 2 are the top ones i suggest

    games on the other hand i really knowmlike are u going let him play M rated games? or only like teen games and that? idk about teen games but i can give u few sites might help say they good http://www.gamespot.com http://www.ign.com those are websites that reveiws games

    for M rated games umm halo 3 is good game the offline part could be rated teen but when its online comes to a different story lol your kid come back to the dinner table with few new words lol but this can happan anywhere on xbox live so ya

    xbox has cool family settings i gusse but for kid would hate them lol. you can set acconts for parent controll u can put pass in stop him from getting pass it u can set what games his profile can play lets say you buy Mr ated games but u only want him play teen or w/e u can stop him by setting those controls and the xbox wont even load the game. also for online you can stop your kid from hearing people 18 an above or dont hear no one at all unless they his friend list

    there also ways stop him from playing the xbox 24/7 u can set how many hours he’s allow to play a day or week and the xbox really stops him playing after that time and theres pass to stop him geting pass it

    if you want anything else email you and i try to answer also dont let him store the xbox in a closed area like a entertainment set up in the closed door and bla and dont block the vents

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