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stuck in far cry 2 on ps3?


the meeting with reuben at the marina bar , that game almost sux , i got nothing do , how can i enter the damn bar (marina bar) door is not opening and everytime i get far from the door , the crosshair gets red, what should i do , I WANT A CLEAR ANSWER
to david : i said i want a clear answer so atleast u tell me what diamonds , what littlle area , what gaurd?

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  1. Ya this game actually gets pretty cool when you get into it.

    i am not sure why the door is not opening.are you sure you are using the right door?the one facing the water.when u near the door, an icon saying open with a triangle should appear.

    were u able to enter the wepons shop or the armory next to the marina bar?

    I am currently playing this game, so i am glad to help.

    let me know if you wanna try some online or sum and we can add eachother on ps3.

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