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What are the best Co-op games for playstation 3?


I’m looking for a game like resident evil 5 where the main story mode can be played by two players working together.
I’m looking for off-line coop games like resident evil 5, where the main story mode can be played by two people working together, i.e. a game i can play with my housemate!

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  1. I have resistance fall of man the first one and that was a good co op game but it’s only co op on split screen, I would look into the next two to see if there co op online, because those are good. also more fun ones like saints row 2, modern warfare 2 had some fun co op challenges but the multiplayer is absolutely awful.

  2. Borderlands, you can play through the entire game with up to 3 other people and the difficulty scales based on how many people you’re with “More People = Tougher Enemies = Better Loot” and Dead Rising 2, a great game by itself but it was made better by being able to run through it with a friend.

  3. Resistance: Fall Of Man // (Retail – Average £5-10 preowned)

    > 4 player split-screen free-for-all or Team games

    > Campaign, epic to play, especially with a friend

    Resistance 2 // (Retail – Average £10-20 preowned)

    > Online multiplayer only, has the special capability to play with 2 people on 1 screen online, with even the guest player able to keep all their statistics earned! Very fun, up to 60 people in 1 match!

    Modern Warfare 2 // (Retail – Average £20-30 preowned)

    > Special Missions only, they’re fun but lacking (number of missions = 23)

    Call Of Duty: World at War // (Retail – Average £20 preowned)

    > Nazi Zombies, frustatingly unfair (yet, annoyingly addictive) survival game, in which up to 4 players (online only, split-screen only manages 2 on-screen players) fight off a growing swarm of Zombies that get faster and tougher and easily overrun you and kill you in 2 hits within 4 seconds, and there’re only 4 arenas to play on, also of which 3 of them have to be paid for (bundle deal on PS store – £20 ((not worth it, waste of money)) )

    Call Of Duty: Black Ops // (Retail – Expensive at £45)

    > Nazi Zombies, updated (hardly), and currently has 2 arenas to play on. Although its significantly more unfair than the older NZ, it is able to do split-screen (still omly 2 people maximum on one screen though) whilst online, so you can have 2 people on one screen with another 2 people from around the world.

    > Dead Ops Arcade, A more ‘arena-combat’ styled game, basically is a HD arcade game fighting off Nazi Zombies from a overhead view perspective.

    > Campaign, 2 player split-screen main campaign, like Resistance: Fall Of Man, in no way as awesome as it though.

    Army Of Two // (Retail – Average £5-10)

    > Campaign, Insanely repetitive and the co-op strategies aren’t anything to keep you immersed either, essentially a 3rd-person shooter with an awesome weapons gimmick (heavily upgraded guns, that go unnoticed and are hardly seen or known to be any different when used). BUT, the main 2 characters (that you play as), and the immense graphics keep you pressing onwards, trust me, they are a riot!

    Castle Crashers // (PSN – £8, I think ((free trial available)) )

    > The Whole Game, an epic and utterly hilarious 4-player (on one screen, not divided) ‘slash-’em-up’, essentially an addictive game with colourful cartoon graphics and a great sensation when playing with 4 people, whether on or offline. However, I don’t think split-screen online is possible, but there’re over 20 characters to use (4 to begin with, the rest to unlock), and of which can rank up gradually, increasing their: Magic stats (which become stronger and more consistant), Strength, Agility and Arrow firing Speed & Range, and Defense/Health

    Burn Zombie, Burn! // (PSN – Roughly £6 I think it is)

    > The Whole Game, another Arena-based combat game, and yet another frustrating one too, can be fun seeing as you can easily play your own music on it (via.mp3 downloads uploaded to your PS3, and accessed by selecting any track, but this feature is only available on few games)

    That’s about all I can think of for now, hope it helps.

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