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What do you think about the new XBOX ONE?


Xbox One or PS4

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  1. The fact that it is not backwards compatible with the 360 and you won’t be able to buy used games is total crap. Xbox one sucks already. I won’t be buying one

  2. I don’t like the layout of it what so ever. As for specs i am happy AMD have gotten involved it will be powerful and do very well as a game unit “I am a PS and PC fan”. It is beyond me why they would make it look like the first but we will see it could do well in hifi cabinets with amps and htpc’s etc. I havr to admit both the PS4 and the XBOX ONE look old already

  3. It looks alright but i’m waiting to see what games they’ll have on it other than what we already know. However I don’t like all the “trying to be an entertainment hub” crap that they are spewing.

  4. I’m undecided about its looks, it kinda looks like an old VCR from the 80’s but then I also kind of like the clean sharp lines, it don’t look as good as the 360 that’s for sure, its nice that it does all the cool stuff with tv and that but to be honest that’s not something that I look for in games console, all that I am interested in is how good the games look, I already have a smart tv that does all that fancy stuff, its just going to increase the price. I’m not going to be rushing out to buy one put it that way. I’m waiting to see more of the ps4 now, its got to be better looking than Xbox anyway, as for what one will be best I’m not bothered as I will eventually own both

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