Home Xbox Forum Why is the XBOX 360 such a horrible system.?

Why is the XBOX 360 such a horrible system.?


even the DS and wii own it, ps3 owns it. xbox is a horrible useless pos
oh and ps3 has like hundreds of exclusives, xbox has like 5. and the main ones are halo n gears


  1. Firstly, [url is not allowed].

    Secondly, there is nothing wrong with the Xbox. Your pointless fanboy trolling is a waste of a potential worthwhile question.

  2. its mainly Becuase Xbox is a child system. Microsoft tries to cut cost and there products always break. and then they try to copy the PS3 main menu


  3. the sales number begs to differ. when was the last time that the ps3 has outsold the x360 in a month? a long time ago. let me know when you go back far enough.

    november 2011:

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    october 2011:

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    link also includes the total sales to date. guess who’s in last place? that’s right, it’s your beloved ps3.

    september 2011:

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    august 2011:

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