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xbox 360(which should i buy)?


Which xbox 360 should i buy?

1) Xbox 360 pro (595) non- modified

Includes- 2 original games(and the other stuffs that come in the package)

2)Xbox 360 pro (720) modified

Includes 2 free original games with another 10 non- original games, and an extra 360 wired controller.
ok the second option comes with a wired and wireless controller whereas the first option only has 1 wireless controller, and for the second option, i can choose the games, which means for example i can choose halo 3, Fear, Prey, etc

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  1. Ok i dont no whether it helps but here goes.

    Where I am an Xbox premium costs $575-$600 modified with one wireless controller

    a game costs $3.50 if its copied or $40 if its an original.

    If Buy a modded one. If it throws problems at you ( a maximum chance of 20% though i have not had any till date and ive had it for close to a year.touchwood!) you can get it fixed at the shop where u bot it most probably (2% chance dat it will go unfixed)

    If you buy an unmodded one then yes you do have warranty but the bottomline is you buy xbox 360s not for display but to play so if you buy an unmodded 360 and buy 10 games thats gonna cost you close to $450, thats almost like a new xbox 360

    So my advice buy a modded 360 and yes you will have about 2% chance that your console might quit on you in which case buy a new one but you can spend all your money on buying games!!

    Hope I helped!

    Happy Gaming!!

  2. If by modified you mean it has a mod chip inside it, I would buy the unmodified one. You never know what kinda sh*t happened to the xbox. It could be screwed really badly. Plus wired controllers are really just a waste for the 360 its all about wireless. If I was in your position I would get the unmodified version.

    Hope this helps. Take Care. =)

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