Home Playstation Forum Have i broke my ps3 by doing a fan test?

Have i broke my ps3 by doing a fan test?


I accidentally did a fan test on my ps3, during the fan test i switched off the console as quickly as i could but now every time i try to turn on my ps3 it starts doing a fan test, is there anything i can do to stop the fan test or will i just have to go through with it?

Also what are the consequences of doing a fan test on my ps3 because i heard they can damage your console 🙁

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  1. I guess your only option would be to let the fan test happen.

    Fan tests can damage your console. The fans speeding up is a fail safe trying to get the bottled up heat out of the system, this can burn your CPU and GPU. Now if your PS3 breaks & you send it to Sony, they’ll notice that you’ve done a fan test & won’t repair your PS3. Also, the fan test isn’t for us to do.

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