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I can’t recover my gamertag on my Xbox 360 and displays error code: 80150101?


So I logged on my Xbox this morning (And my profile has not moved anywhere, I actually had a gaming session yesterday) and it told me I had to recover my account. I was a little confused but I went with it. I followed the necessary steps and entered my username and password. It said “Welcome *my gamertag*” and then started to download but it stopped at about an inch and proceeded to tell me: “Sorry, Xbox LIVE profiles can’t be downloaded right now. Try again later.

80150101″ Then it removed my profile from the Xbox. I tried connecting from the computer and it just tells me I have found an error in their system. On top of all of this The website wont let me on there “contact us” page for data reasons or something. So I have my back against the wall and I have no clue what to do. Can anyone please help?

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  1. oh man thank you guys so much i thought it might have been my xbox. any idea on when it could be back up. is this a worldwide thing?

  2. Xbox live is experiencing difficulties today, NO ONE can get on, you just have to wait to play COD or something :-S -Im getting the same error today, so you’re not alone, patience is a virtue.

  3. It prob is worldwide up not for everyone cause i have a few friends online. But the problem is happing for me too and i think we will just have to wait

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