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I have a 40′ sony hd tv, but whenver i try to play with my ps3 it wont show the screen it’s just blank(black).?


i was just wondering if i have to have the HDMI cable in order to play because i can’t play my ps3 at all.

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  1. no you dont check you video and audio cables make sure there in a componet spot like video 1 or that sort of nature

  2. The HDMI cable is not required (although I would suggest it it makes the games look AMAZING), as long as the red white and yellow cables are plugged into the correct spot on the TV. Also make sure that the TV is set to the right input that the ps3 is plugged into. If it still doesnt work I would contact Sony to see if they can help.

  3. Make sure your connections are properly done! If you are using the 3 color cables (red, white, yellow) make sure they are plugged into the right colors. same thing applies to component cables (HD five color cables). Also, HDTV’s have a VIDEO channel dedicated to each connection so make sure you are selecting the right one! READ YOUR TV MANUAL TO LEARN HOW TO USE VIDEO CHANNELS!!

  4. You don’t need HD to play.I play my PS3 on my HD tv in my room and my regular old tv(via RCA) in my living room.

    Are you sure the RCA cables(white, yellow, red) are plugged into A/V IN jacks(and not the A/V OUT?

    If so, make sure you have the tv set to the same input that the PS3 is hooked up to.

    If that doesn’t work, call SONY. Your system is covered for the first year by them. If worse comes to worst, you’ll have to send it to them and they’ll give you new one.

  5. No.

    Make sure its plugged in right and you push the right bottom on your remote.

    And make sure your on the right channel.

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