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Im using an HDMI hookup for my PS3, How do i use a stereo for sound now?


Im using a HDMI cable for my PS3 which gives sound through my TV. Well the speakers in my HD TV are blown so i cant have any bass what-so-ever on my tv without it crackling and making stupid noises. So I figured I would hook it up to my stereo system. How do I do that, and is it possible to just use teh left and right speaker cables that came with my PS3?

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  1. Try Connecting the red and white audio to the stereo. You may not be able to receive HDMI sounds, but atleast you’ll get the HDMI display.

  2. Only 2 options. I am sure of the third is iffy.

    All these settings can be found in audio settings under system options.

    1) digital audio via optical cable, but I doubt your stereo has that.

    2) if your hd tv has audio out have the ps3 output audio via hdmi, then go from tv to the stereo

    3)there may be an option to have video go via hdmi and audio out of the scart (red and white) cable, but I dont remember seeing that

  3. Absolutely, just go to display settings on your ps3 and have video ouput using hdmi, then when it ask you about audio have it run through your standard audio video cables. Just hook the cables wherever the inputs are on stereo system.

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