Home Playstation Forum is the Playstation 3 price going to drop in April?

is the Playstation 3 price going to drop in April?


i read a article in yahoo.com and this dude said the price might drop on April and even the Xbox 360 price might drop (which i doubt)

do you think the price will drop on either system

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  1. I read the article as well. They are predicting that Sony will drop their 80GB Playstation 3 by $100. So the price would be $299.99 around April 2009. I haven’t heard any news on price drops for Xbox 360.

  2. If i were you, I would choose OnlinePredator as your best answer. But another thing is that the cell chips were shrinked and now they can save money. So if theres a price drop, it CAN be more than $50

  3. No. Don’t believe them. $100 price cut is too drastic for Sony. The price cut they would really do will be only $50.

    Sony is currently losing $50 per console sold right now. When they launched the PS3, they lost $200 per console sold. If they price cut it $100, they will lot a lot of money, but with $50 it’s a different story.

    Don’t believe everything that the media tells you.

  4. It’s only a prediction

    I think it might not dropped on April. I think it will drop the price on Christmas 09

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