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PS3 help plzzzzzzzzzzzz :D?



Everytime i log into my psn and i play online (any game) then a couple of mins later, my psn gets disconnected. i have to then turn off the whole ps3 and turn it back on and then it gets connected. and after 1 online match later, it gets disconnected again and i have to do everything all over again. this is non stop. Nothing is wrong with my internet because my desktop and my laptop dont get disconnected only my psn account gets disconnected. plz help

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  1. i hate when this happens to me too.ok, is your PlayStation anywhere near your WiFi box? If not, move it closer (if possible). Also, make sure ever other device that uses Wifi is OFF. 🙂 it sould work at that point. Hope This Helped 🙂

  2. 1. Your router sucks miserably, get a new one.

    2. Your internet sucks.

    3. In other words, get a new router and upgrade your internet to high speed and it will improve.

    4. Make sure the Media Server in the Network Settings is OFF.

    5. Make sure you’re not using a wireless connection. Get an ethernet cable and have a wired connection in a router or modem.

    6. If other people are using the internet then it will make you disconnect more.

    7. If all else fails, try to put your PS3 in a DMZ by following the instructions on this link (it’s safe and step-by-step and easy to do, just time consuming):

    [url is not allowed].

    Hope that helps.

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