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X-box 360 intercooler?


i have an x-box 360 and i bought a nyko intercooler ex.it fits to my xbox but the power supply cable doesnt fit into the intercooler. why?
i got it for xmas, its the ex, the power chord dont fit no matter how hard i push, it is not defective i returned one and this is my second,
Update 2:
i got the one with the 2 games free it hink the arcade

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  1. Microsoft made them incompatible with the newer consoles for a reason, they kill your system. I had one and within two weeks my console died, it worked perfectly fine before but I caved to the hype of overheating the system Nyko was advertising, and it burned me. To top it off if you use one and your system dies you’re no longer covered by Microsoft’s warranty. The first Q the rep at Microsoft asked me when I told them what was going on was, “were you using an Intercooler?”. I admit, I fibbed on that one and said no, then he proceeded to tell me that if I had the system would not be covered. Just look up the Q’s on The Intercooler right here on Answers and see the issues.

  2. it fits u have to make sure the pins are in it and the intercooler pushed in all the way. and all xbox 360s and intercoolers are all the same size so it will fit. trust me i had mine since 1-1-07 and i know they are all the same.

  3. i have an xbox 360 and an inter cooler if it fits into your xbox it must fit the power cord fits in like a key so make sure you turn it left and right to fit it in and also there may be buttons on the power cord you have to push in to fit it

  4. Microsoft modified the power plug to prevent people from using the Intercoolers. So Nyko re-did the coolers to work with the new 360s. If you have an older console it won’t fit. If you have a new 360 then return it and get another one.

  5. DON”T USE THE INTERCOOLER! All it does is makes noise and allows the 360 to run hotter NOT cooler. I had one on my old 360 ( hint hint)

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