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Xbox 360 gamertag?!? Cant change it.?


Okay soo today I got 1600 microsoft point and i wanted to use some to change my gamertag. But when I go to do it, it says I cant. It says i need to change my online settings. how do i do that?
Well what do i change my family settings to?

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  1. – It sounds like your family settings are blocking your transaction.

    -What you need to do is while on the xbox dashboard press your xbox button and scroll across to family settings and press A, if this is ‘ON’ then you may want to temporarily disable them by changing to off (NOTE : This may require the parental email and password account details)

    – Once it is deactivated try changing your gamertag again.

    – Make sure you reactivate your family settings when finished.

    – If this hasn’t worked it may be because your account is silver and not gold?

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